ब्राह्मण स्वर्णकार -गुजरात, [मारवाडी] सोनी समाज का द्वितीय महासम्मेलन व युवक युवती परिचय सम्मेलन १३जून २०१२ को नवसारी मे…

Mon, May 14, 2012

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7 Responses to “ब्राह्मण स्वर्णकार -गुजरात, [मारवाडी] सोनी समाज का द्वितीय महासम्मेलन व युवक युवती परिचय सम्मेलन १३जून २०१२ को नवसारी मे…”

  1. R. K. SHARMA says:

    The invitation card is in Gujrati language, may it be possible to tranlate and circulate in hindi.

    Also please up load the form for parichay sammelan.


    • admin says:

      Mr. R.K. Sharma,

      We will translate it in hindi soon, and We will inquire about form to upload here…

      • Hemakshi says:

        Dear sir,
        Would it be possible to upload the copy of swarnkar sandesh book of our samaj to be available on this website. Online patrika will be useful for the NRIs and everyone.

        Many thanks

  2. bharatkumar soni says:

    swarnkar parichay sammelan sandesh book should be displayed on our samaj website.

    bharatkumar soni

    • admin says:

      Dont know about Navsai, but We are still trying to get soft copy & green signal from the Organizers of Ujjain to upload Parichay Sammelan book here. Being a fresh data we need it soon else it will be out dated if delayed.

  3. P soni says:

    Dear sir,
    Can we get the details of grooms or sammelan book of brahmin swarnkar on the website or our mail id? If it can be done then it will be highly appreciated.

    Best regards
    P. soni

    • admin says:

      Mr. P. Soni,

      We really wish if soft copy of any book of our society is provided to us so can be uploaded for those who are unable to have hard copy. Also soft copy is easy to analyse and has unlimited life, save papers and so trees…hope organizers of these type of occasions will understand the demand of the new generation.

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