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१० ग्राम सोना -भाव के ८६ साल का सफर..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


10 Gms of Gold Price -History of the last 86 years

Colors of Gold – Purple , Blue And Black !!

Friday, October 21, 2011


This is possible by using one of two methods, the first is by formation of special gold metal compounds also referred to as Intermetallic Compounds. The second process is by forming a surface coating on gold, also referred to as Patination Of Gold. Both processes create attractive colors but they do exhibit some disadvantages over normal carat […]

Ahmedabad Ajmer Barmer beawar Bhinmal Bikaner Didwana gandhinagar General Himmatnagar Jalore Jobat jodhpur Keradu kumbhalgarh merta Mumbai Nagaur News Paper pali Sheoganj sirohi swarn jagriti अजमेर अहमदाबाद जालौर जूना केराडू जोधपुर जोबट कुंभलगढ़ गांधीनगर नागौर पाली बाडमेर बीकानेर ब्यावर भीनमाल मुम्बई मेड़ता शिवगंज समाचार पत्रिका सर्वसामान्य सिरोही स्वर्ण-जागृति हिम्मतनगर


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